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Our sectors

When it comes to impacts and dependencies on water, not all sectors are equal. WWF aims to proactively engage sectors that are disproportionately impacting (and dependent upon) water and accordingly has identified a series of sectors to prioritize through a structured, data-driven approach that accounted for impacts and influence. This is not just a matter of reducing negative impacts, but also engaging those who have the greatest potential for positive impacts.

WWF will build out partnerships with leading companies in select sectors (notably food & beverage, apparel & textiles, retail, and finance), while also working at the sectoral level in the mining, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology and information technology & electronics sectors. This prioritisation of sectors is intended to focus our efforts, but will not preclude WWF from engaging with corporates in other sectors not listed here that we believe may drive a positive impact. In all cases, our partnerships are evaluated and structured around the Business Transformation Framework and run through due diligence and safeguards processes.