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Water Risk & Opportunity

Water Risk

Water risk exposure continues to grow as more users harness more water and as weather patterns grow more erratic. Despite these rising risk levels, we continue to witness weak and misaligned responses to water risk. That is why WWF is working to ensure companies' response matches risk, not only for their own operations and suppliers, but their basin peers as well. This includes: (1) Building out new functions in the Water Risk Filter (2) Promoting our Bankable Water Solutions Initiative (3) Proactively engaging companies to improve awareness


The Water Risk Filter

From Risk Assessment to Reponse -- The Water Risk Filter 5.0 is a leading, online tool that empowers users to explore, assess, and respond to water risks. Developed by WWF and the German finance institution DEG, the Water Risk Filter has become a leading and trusted source of water risk data for thousands of users – from multinational corporations and SMEs to financial institutions – which have used it to evaluate hundreds of thousands of specific sites. After a major upgrade in 2018 and a wealth of new functions, the Water Risk Filter 5.0 will enable companies and investors to Explore, Assess, Value and Respond to water risks.

The Water Risk Filter

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Bankable Water Solutions

WWF is launching Bankable Water Solutions, a new initiative aimed at leveraging tens to hundreds of millions of dollars to scale up basin investments that address shared water challenges. These projects, which can provide a sub-three year return on investment, when bundled for scale, begin to bring ammunition to the water stewardship and conservation efforts in a way that fundamentally changes river water quality.

Bankable Water Solutions

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Engagement & Awareness

Proactively engaging companies to improve awareness and uptake with partners like CDP and Ceres, as well as positioning water as a material risk within initiatives like TCFD.

In addition, improving financial institution awareness of water challenges and opportunities through tools, initiatives and events be it the Water Risk Filter, the TCFD Hub, or Financial Times Water Summit.