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08 Mar 2024

European countries must accelerate efforts to tackle poaching of critically endangered species

03 Mar 2024

Flagship report by WWF and 25 local, regional and global partners celebrates the diversity of ...

17 Feb 2024

New CMS initiative launched to safeguard birds and habitats on the Central Asian Flyway

12 Feb 2024

Landmark UN Report launched during CMS COP14 Reveals Shocking State of migratory species

02 Feb 2024

On World Wetlands Day, WWF calls for the protection of wetland by declaring it ‘national interest ...

02 Feb 2024

WWF report highlights scientific evidence for the crisis in Spain's greatest wetland

11 Dec 2023

First comprehensive assessment of the world’s freshwater fish species reveals that 25% are at risk ...

10 Dec 2023

The Freshwater Challenge aims to ensure 300,000km of degraded rivers and 350 million hectares of ...

04 Dec 2023

GIFP aims to design a roadmap to mobilize public and private Islamic capital to originate and fund ...

31 Oct 2023

WWF and TNC discussion paper for World Hydropower Congress in Bali

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