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Forests, fires and the future? A crisis raging out of control
A crisis is taking place in forests, where the fire season has been raging with unprecedented ferocity, from the Amazon to the Arctic.

WWF field series: Lessons learnt from restoring the orangutan habitat in the Malaysian State of Sabah
This report highlights lessons learnt from WWF's engagement in the region, and the scope of activities in the landscape. 

The 'triple challenge': Tackling trade-offs between climate, food and biodiversity goals
This paper address the triple challenge that humankind faces of meeting the dietary and other needs of 10 billion people, keeping global temperature rise below 1.5°C, and reversing biodiversity loss.

Forest Reports
05 Oct 2020

The Atlantic Forest is home to unique species such as the black lion tamarin or the giant otter, ...

24 Sep 2020

Feasibility study on the processing and sale of rubberwood to support smallholder financing in ...

18 Sep 2020

The study seeks to understand the corporate dimension of tree planting.

29 Jul 2020

Forest landscape restoration has shown to be an effective tool in creating a forest habitat and ...

31 May 2020

This paper address the triple challenge that humankind faces, of meeting the dietary and other ...

24 Feb 2020

In Oaxaca, Mexico, a long-running project is restoring forests, soils, water – and hope for the ...

19 Sep 2019

We call on world leaders to declare a planetary emergency and secure a New Deal for Nature and ...

06 Sep 2019

A Framework for Understanding Nature-related Risk to Business

28 Jun 2019

Economic studies have demonstrated that the benefits of restoration, in terms of ecosystem goods ...

20 May 2019

Forest Landscape Restoration can contribute to improving livelihoods, protecting food crops, ...

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