Roadmap for a Learning Process Focused on Lessons Learned

Posted on 09 June 2021

Strengthening a culture of institutional learning
These materials have been developed with the intention of supporting people and organizations interested in strengthening a culture of institutional learning. The “Roadmap for a Learning Process Focused on Lessons Learned,” which is the basis for this series, is the result of almost 10 years of work by the WWF-US Forest and Climate team in conjunction with the teams from WWF-Colombia, WWF-Guyana, WWF-Peru, WWF-Indonesia and WWF-Democratic Republic of Congo.

The ideas and tools set out here are intended to be a source of inspiration and not a recipe to be followed to the letter. The complete series include 10 animations and 10 PDFs, one for each video. Individual videos are linked below, and you can see the full playlist here

1. Conceptual and methodological foundations of the roadmap for the learning process | animation
2. General introduction to the toolbox for the four phases of the roadmap | animation
3. Tools for phase 1: Set-up and Framing | animation
4. Introduction to the tools for phase 2: Implementation of the methodology | animation
5. Tools for phase 2: Interviews | animation
6. Tools for phase 2: Group exercises | animation
7. Tools for phase 3: Learning process report | animation
8. Tools for phase 4: Communicating and creating ownership of the results of the learning process | animation
9. Tool to design mini-communications strategies | animation
10. Lessons learned and reflections on institutional learning processes | animation