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Northern Great Plains, USA & Canada

The Northern Great Plains are home to bison, pronghorn, black-footed ferrets, and a diverse array of grassland birds, and millions of people including several Native American tribes. However, the Plains are under threat and are being converted at a dangerous rate – chiefly to produce agricultural commodities, with nature ploughed up and replaced by vast monocultures. People must work with nature to save the Plains and produce food in a sustainable manner. WWF is working with ranchers and rural communities to support grasslands, identifying conservation solutions that help both thrive.

Blue (Plebejus sp.) butterfly, Lowry South Dakota, grasslands, Northern Great Plains
 Clay Bolt
Voices from the Plains - WWF's Clay Bolt describes our conservation work
 Bison (Bison bison)
Voices from the Plains - Adriann Killsnight / He'heenóhká'e explains the importance of the plains to the Northern Cheyenne Native Americans

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