New leadership appointments for WWF’s Food Practice

To realise a food system which protects and conserves nature, while ensuring that there is enough nutritious food for all current and future generations, WWF has been building several  global initiatives that will drive the Food Practice closer to its conservation goals in key areas, including food loss and waste, and grasslands and savannahs. 


As such, we are proud to announce the appointments of Initiative Leaders for key initiatives: Save One Third and the Global Grasslands and Savannahs Initiative (GGSI). The two new appointments come at a crucial time when collaboration at the global, national and regional levels are imperative to achieving transformative change. 


Appointment of Pete Pearson as Initiative Leader, Save One Third


Save One Third is a global food loss and waste initiative that aims to influence governments and food businesses to form public private sector collaborations that adopt Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 12.3 and integrate this SDG into national goals or Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs). SDG 12.3 calls for a halving per capita of global food waste and for a reduction of food loss along production and supply chains, including postharvest losses, by 2030.



Pete Pearson has been appointed as Initiative Leader to oversee efforts across the workstreams of Save One Third: institutionalising food loss and waste measurement; delivering regional food loss and waste solutions; and building awareness and promoting behaviour change. Pearson will provide intellectual and strategic leadership to multi-disciplinary teams and lead fundraising and fund tracking efforts, drawing from almost a decade of experience as a change agent within various businesses and non-profits on regenerative agriculture, sustainability, and CSR. He will also continue to serve as Senior Director - Food Waste at WWF-US.


Appointment of Karina Berg as Initiative Leader, Global Grasslands and Savannahs Initiative


The Global Grasslands and Savannahs Initiative (GGSI) aims to halt biodiversity loss and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production and other threats in grasslands and savannahs, and to improve and restore the ecosystem services provided by these biomes to nature and people.



Karina Berg has been appointed as Initiative Leader for GGSI, with the purpose of building a new global consensus on grasslands and savannahs, as well as protecting them at the landscape scale. She will spearhead the strategic development and execution of activities across these workstreams, alongside multi-disciplinary teams. She will also lead fundraising and fund tracking efforts, and oversee the initiative’s technical and financial management. Berg brings over a decade of experience in the conservation space to her new role. Most recently, she served as Regional Manager, Latin America for WWF-UK.