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Net Zero Finance

Net Zero Guidance for the Financial Sector

Criteria for Credible Net Zero Commitments

While a growing number of financial institutions are making net-zero commitments - either individually or as part of coalitions such as the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance, the Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative, and the Net-Zero Banking Alliance - long-term ambition must be backed by credible and science-based action.

Our Criteria for Credible Net Zero Commitments provide a high-level framework for credible net-zero commitments, building on the Starting Line and Leadership Practices criteria of the Race To Zero, and should be helpful for organizations in the Finance Coalition Coordination Mechanism (FCCM) and all other financial institutions preparing to make net-zero commitments.

Introductory Guide for Financial Institutions

Our Net Zero Introductory Guide for Financial Institutions (in English and French) provides an overview of some of the key principles and concepts linked to setting net-zero targets, as well as market expectations for developing credible targets.

It will help financial institutions navigate the technical questions they face in assessing portfolio alignment with a net-zero scenario, and meet some of the key technical challenges involved in implementing robust, science-based strategies.

CDP-WWF Temperature Rating Methodology

The CDP-WWF Temperature Rating Methodology is an open source methodology which translates corporate emissions reduction targets into a single, intuitive metric, and assesses to what degree of warming a company or a financial portfolio contributes. The methodology is a core part of SBTi for Finance designed to enable financial institutions to set emissions reduction targets for lending and investment portfolios, and is available to over 325,000 investors globally via the Bloomberg Terminal.