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Call to Action to Ensure Transition to a Net Zero
and Nature Positive Economy

We, more than 90 leading international Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), think tanks, coalitions, researchers and individual thought leaders, have come together to call on central banks and financial supervisors around the world to act now as precautionary agents and utilize every available avenue to tackle the twin environmental crisis of climate change and nature loss.
Monetary policy and financial regulation instruments need to mitigate the significant financial and price instability caused by biodiversity loss and global warming and will continue to increase if no action is taken now.  The next few years are crucial.  There is no alternative but to do whatever it takes to mitigate the systemic risks posed by biodiversity and ecosystem loss, and transition to a net zero, "nature positive" economy. 
The definition "nature-positive" refers to the WWF and World Economic Forum (WEF) definitions, indicating that there needs to be more nature in 2030 than in 2020, that at least 30 % of land and oceans are protected, the footprint of our production and consumption is halved by 2030, and that there cannot be any nature-based offsetting.

Cosigning organisations

Cosigning thought leaders

Steve Keen (Honorary Professor, UCL & ISRS Distinguished Research Fellow), Mogens Lykketoft (Former Danish Finance Minister, Foreign Minister and Speaker of Parliament; President of the United Nations General Assembly 2015-2016), Jesper Jespersen (Professor, dr. scient adm. Roskilde Universitet), Jakob Vestergaard (Associate Professor, Roskilde University), Louison Cahen-Fourot (Assistant professor in Economics, Roskilde University), Dirk Schoenmaker (Professor of Banking & Finance, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Chair of CEPR Research and Policy Network on Sustainable Finance), Rick van der Ploeg (Professor of Economics University of Oxford), Rens van Tilburg (Director Sustainable Finance Lab at Utrecht University), Seraina Grünewald (Professor of European and Comparative Financial Law at the Faculty of Law, Radboud University), Jens van 't Klooster (Assistant Professor University of Amsterdam), Dirk Bezemer (Professor of Economics of International Financial Development, University of Groeningen), Jasper Blom (Research Fellow, Sheffield Political Economy Research Institute, University of Sheffield), Geoff Mann (Professor Geography, Director Centre for Global Political Economy Simon Fraser University), Gregor Semieniuk (Assistant Research Professor Department of Economics at UMass Amherst), Josh Ryan-Collins (Associate Professor in Economics and Finance,UCL Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose), Katie Kedward (Policy Fellow Institute for Innovation and Public Purpose University College London), Yanis Dafermos (Senior Lecturer in Economics, SOAS University of London), Maria Nikolaidi (Associate Professor in Economics, University of Greenwich), Andrew Denis (PhD Fellow Emeritus Department of Economics City, University of London), Christine Cooper (Professor, Director of Research, Edinburgh University Business School), Gerhard Kling (Chair in Finance, University of Aberdeen), Andy Agathangelou (Founder, Transparency Task Force), John Barry (Professor of Green Political Economy, Queen’s University Belfast), Laurence Scialom (Professor of Economics, Paris X Nanterre), Sergio Rossi (Full Professor of Economics University of Fribourg, Switzerland), Philippe Thalmann (Professor of environmental economics, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne EPFL), Steven Ongena (Professor, University of Zürich, Swiss Finance Institute, KU Leuven, NTNU Business School and CEPR), Marco Moretti (Senior Researcher at Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL), Stefan Brunnhuber (Trustee World Academy of arts and science (WAAS)), Joscha Wullweber (Professor of Politics/ Political Economy, Transformation and Sustainability, University of Witten/Herdecke), Dirk Ehnts (Torrens University Australia), Neil Lancastle (Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University), Simon Szreter (Professor of History and Public Policy Fellow, University of Cambridge), Sue Konzelmann (Professor of Economics, University of London), Emanuele Citera (Assistant Professor, St. Lawrence University), Jonathan Perraton (Senior Lecturer in Economics, University of Sheffield), Joerg Bibow (Professor and chair of Economics, Skidmore College), Engelbert Stockhammer (Professor of International Political Economy, Kings College London), Daniele Tori (Lecturer in Finance, The Open University), Muhammad Ali Nasir (Associate Professor in Economics, University of Leeds), Gracjan Bachurewicz (Gdansk University of Technology), Andreas Maschke (University of Leeds), Faruk Ulgen (Professor, University Grenoble Alpes), Roy Culpeper (Chair, Group of 78, Ottawa), Adam Barrett (University of Sussex), Frank van Gansbeke (Middlebury College).