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Greening Financial Regulation Initiative
Climate change and nature loss are a major threat to financial stability and our global market system.

Our economies rely on the goods and services generated by nature like food, raw materials, pollination, water filtration and climate regulation, but nature and our planet are under unprecedented threat.

Financial investments are causing harmful environmental impacts which are delaying the transition to a sustainable economy. This won't be resolved unless both climate change and biodiversity loss are tackled together.

Central banks, financial supervisors and regulators whose responsibility it is to protect the economy and secure a stable financial system, play a crucial role in reversing this trend.



We engage central banks and financial supervisors on the need to integrate climate and environmental risks into decision-making, providing research, tools, support and training to help achieve global sustainability goals.


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WWF´s Greening Financial Regulation Initiative began in 2020 bringing together a broad network of environmental scientists and finance practitioners to support the transition to a nature positive, net zero economy. 

We engage and advocate with central banks, financial supervisors and regulators on the need to integrate climate and environmental risks into their mandates and operations, mainly through financial regulations and their supervision, as well as monetary policies. 

We help provide the necessary tools, scientific research, assessments, training and assistance to enhance the ambitions of the financial sector on the sustainable financial policy agenda. Find out more about our trainings for central banks, financial supervisors and regulators visiting our e-learning page and WWF&NGFS webinar sessions. 

More on what we do and why we work with central banks and supervisors.  


By demonstrating the value of nature and the link between financial and environmental risk, we aim to redirect the flow of finance away from activities that harm our planet toward those that generate sustainable economic, social and environmental benefits.

Maud Abdelli, Lead WWF Greening Financial Regulation Initiative

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Together with more than 90 organisations, think tanks, academics and thought leaders, we urge central banks and financial supervisors to take ambitious action and treat climate change and nature loss as a "twin crisis".
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