WWF statement on WEF’s Global Risk Report 2021

Posted on 19 January 2021

The World Economic Forum's (WEF) Global Risks Report 2021 shows the climate crisis and nature-loss continue to be top tier threats to humanity in the coming decade. 

The report, based on a survey of decision-makers from across business, governments and civil society, assesses the risks facing the world this year, and includes extreme weather events and human environmental damage in the top ten. Biodiversity loss, natural resource crisis and climate action failure are also recognised as existential threats. 

The compounded risks of the climate crisis and nature-loss risk adding to the loss of employment around the world as a result of the pandemic, leading to increased inequality. According to WEF, working hours close to 495 million jobs were lost in the second quarter of 2020 alone.

Vanessa Pérez-Cirera, WWF’s global deputy lead climate and energy said: 

“Nature-based Solutions are not the magic wand that will solve all of our societal problems - but they are a solution that can create immediate jobs, while supporting a transition to more resilient, green and job-rich economies.

“As our recent 'Nature Hires' report shows, some of these solutions can create up to 750 full-time jobs per USD million investment. This is one of the highest returns of any economic recovery investment, which also has the benefit of creating a multiplier effect in other Sustainable Development Goals.”

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Nature-based Solutions can drive a more sustainable, job-rich recovery.
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