Brazil: NDC We Don't Want

On December 09, 2020, Brazil submitted its “updated first NDC” to the UNFCC.

It contains an “indicative long-term objective” and presents the same targets as the previous NDC. Our analysis indicates, however, that Brazil’s commitments represent a backslide from its previous 2015 ones mainly in two aspects: the current targets will actually allow additional emissions in 2025 and 2030; and the country seems to have moved from unconditional to conditional targets. According to the Climate Action Tracker (CAT), the new NDC targets have moved Brazil’s NDC from “Insufficient” to ‘Highly Insufficient” to holding global warming to below 2˚C, let alone 1.5˚C.

Considering that Brazil is one of the world’s biggest emitters, the largest economy in South America and that its 2020 NDC violates the Paris Agreement’s progression principle, our analysis concludes that it is an NDC We Don’t Want according to our checklist.