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All about NDCs
Under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, each country has to put together a plan of action to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and deal with the impacts of the climate crisis. These are called nationally determined contributions (NDCs).

The first deadline for revised NDCs was 2020 and these will have to be updated every five years to ensure that each country’s efforts towards limiting temperature increases will grow and become more ambitious (the so-called Paris Agreement 'ratchet' mechanism).

If every country fully implements the commitments set out in their first round NDCs, global temperatures are expected to rise between 2.7°C and 3.7°C this century alone. That’s nowhere near the 1.5°C goal set out in the Paris Agreement.

2020 was the formal kick off of the ratchet mechanism, so countries have a chance to review their NDCs and submit stronger ones. There is still much more we have to do — and it has to start now.

The #NDCsWeWant
WWF's #NDCsWeWant Checklist aims to shine a spotlight on all kinds of progress, encourage best practices, identify key challenges and call out laggards, with the goal of increasing the overall ambition of the NDC process.

As countries submit revised NDCs, we will review them against our #NDCsWeWant Checklist and publish our analysis. This website will be updated as this process progresses, and countries which have been evaluated will be marked on the map below and added to the list of assessed NDCs

Zoom in and click on the pins on the map below to see our assessment and rating for each country.

WWF assessment in progress

NDC We Want

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