Suriname: The NDC We Want

On December 9, 2019, Suriname became the second nation to submit an enhanced NDC to the UNFCCC.

Suriname is a “high forest cover and low deforestation (HFLD)” country that accounts for 0.01% of global GHG emissions. It is considered a carbon negative country, as its abundant forests absorb more GHG emissions than the country emits. It is also highly vulnerable, with its small population and economic activities concentrated along the low-lying coastal zone.

Although Suriname did not set an overall emissions reduction target, the country presents targets and measures for its most carbon-intensive sectors, as well as adaptation goals connected to their NAP, clear conditional targets and a strong focus on nature-based solutions (maintaining their forest cover). The NDC also contributes strongly to sustainable development as it is aligned both with national priorities and the SDGs.

According to the Checklist for the NDCs We Want and taking and into account Suriname’s unique features and very low responsibility, we conclude that the country has performed well in improving its 2015 NDC. We therefore consider Suriname’s 2020 NDC an NDC We Want.