South Korea
South Korea: Long Way to Go

On December 30, 2020, the Republic of Korea (South Korea) submitted its updated NDC to the UNFCCC.

South Korea’s NDC did not enhance its mitigation target. Although it advances in presenting the target as a 24.4% reduction below 2017 emission levels (709.1 MtCO2eq, excluding LULUCF), while the previous NDC used a business as usual (BAU) scenario, both targets lead to the same emission level of 540 MtCO2eq, according to CAT (2021). The NDC presents information on adaptation plans as well as on public participation and lacks detailed information on financing for the NDC beyond the Green New Deal. 

As South Korea is one of the world’s major emitters, a High-Income country and one of the economic models that many developing countries refer to, we conclude that the updated NDC has a Long Way to Go to become the NDC We Want according to our checklist.