European Union

On December 18, 2020, the European Union submitted its updated NDC to the UNFCCC.

The EU NDC has enhanced its ambition, as targets have increased from "at least 40%" to “at least 55%” net reduction of emissions below 1990 levels. Changes in the treatment of the land sector weaken it, resulting in an emissions reduction of 52.8% below 1990 levels excluding LULUCF. The 2019 UNEP Emissions Gap Report implies that domestic EU GHG emissions reductions of at least 68% would be needed - and this is without taking into account equity-related issues such as population, wealth and responsibility for historical emissions.

The updated NDC is a political win, but not enough to respond to what science calls for. Our analysis takes into account the advance in mitigation ambition but also the high responsibility and capabilities of the EU, that signal that more could be done. Therefore, we conclude that the updated NDC has a Short Way to Go to become the NDC We Want according to WWF's checklist.