Costa Rica
Costa Rica: NDC We Want

On December 30, Costa Rica submitted its updated NDC. 

Costa Rica’s 2020 NDC presents enhanced mitigation targets that represent a reduction of an additional 0.26 million tons of CO2e by 2030, compared to the 2015 target. Costa Rica commits to an absolute maximum of net emissions in 2030 of 9.11 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). According to CAT (2021), the NDC is among the very few in line with 2˚C. It is fully unconditional and presents a strong focus on Nature-based Solutions. Social and climate justice and a just transition are key cross-cutting elements.

According to the Checklist for the NDCs We Want and taking and into account that Costa Rica is an upper-middle economy with low responsibility (around 0.02% of global emissions), we consider that the 2020 NDC is an NDC We Want.