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Under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, each country has to regularly develop national plans of action to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions and deal with the impacts of the climate crisis. These are called nationally determined contributions (NDCs).
Since 2018, WWF has offered governments guidance, evaluation on developing and actioning NDCsWeWant. This page showcases WWF's tools and outputs from our ongoing work on national climate plans, including our latest support for the development of new NDCs (so called 'NDCs 3.0') which countries should publish well ahead of the UNFCCC COP30 in 2025.


NDC Checklist

WWF's NDCsWeWant checklist provides a benchmark to measure imporvements from one NDC to the next. This increases transparency on how countries respond to a core principle of the Paris Agreement:

Each successive nationally determined contribution must have stronger climate ambition and action than the previous one, in accordance with their national circumstances.

WWF's first edition of the NDCsWeWant Checklist has been applied to NDCs submitted before the end of 2021. Explore WWF's NDCsWeWant Assessments here.

In June 2024, WWF published an updated NDCsWeWant checklist accommodating the outcome of UNFCCC COP29 Global Stocktake. This provides the tool for assessing new NDCs submitted before 2025, (so called 'NDCs 3.0'). Read the previous NDCsWeWant checklist here.


Download the checklist
NDC Assessments

Explore the map below to access our NDCsWeWant Assessments done up to the end of 2023.

As countries create new and revised NDCs ahead of 2024, WWF will review them against the assessments done using our first edition NDCsWeWant Checklist. Click on the pins to see the assessments.