COP28: WWF responds to ‘disastrous’ new Global Stocktake draft text that goes backward on ambition

Posted on December, 11 2023

In response to the latest draft of the Global Stocktake released on 11 December, Fernanda Carvalho, WWF Global Climate and Energy Policy Lead, said: “This disastrous new draft is way less ambitious than the last version; this is disappointing. It doesn't signal the fundamental course correction we need to see out of this process. It presents a buffet of energy options, but not one to phase out fossil fuels. Most of them invite the continued use of planet wrecking coal, oil and gas, or suggest that nuclear and carbon capture and storage could be considered solutions. If this text on phasing out fossil fuels is not significantly strengthened overnight, we face the prospect of a very weak COP28 outcome, and no end in sight to the escalating climate crisis.”