COP28: WWF responds to ‘improved’ Global Stocktake draft text

Posted on December, 13 2023

The ambition of the Global Stocktake outcome will define the legacy of COP28

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (13 December): WWF responds to the new draft text of the Global Stocktake - the text which will define the outcome of COP28.

Stephen Cornelius, WWF Deputy Global Climate and Energy Lead, said: “This draft is a sorely needed improvement from the last version, which rightly caused outrage. The language on fossil fuels is much better but still falls short of calling for the full phase out of coal, oil and gas. Unfortunately, the draft also includes dangerous distractions such as transitional fuels, nuclear and carbon capture and storage listed as zero and low-emission technologies. The text calls on all countries to be guided by IPCC climate science and the aim of limiting global warming to 1.5oC, but the guidance is not fully aligned with this aim. For a liveable planet we need a full phase out of all fossil fuels and the transition to a renewable energy future.”

Fernanda Carvalho, WWF Global Climate and Energy Policy Lead, said: “Countries are moving towards a text which would represent a significant moment. For decades UN climate talks have failed to address fuels driving the climate crisis. This can mark the beginning of a new era of the climate regime. The ambition of the Global Stocktake outcome will define the legacy of COP28.  Countries must use these final hours to push for an even more ambitious text that is fully aligned with preventing the most devastating consequences of the climate crisis.”


Robin Harvey 
Izrael Muhamad 

WWF and COP28
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