COP28: WWF responds to new Global Goal on Adaptation draft text

Posted on December, 10 2023

Responding to the new draft text of the Global Goal on Adaptation, Sandeep Chamling Rai, WWF Senior Advisor - Global Climate Adaptation Policy, said: “The Global Goal on Adaptation latest draft is still missing some crucial elements, despite some improvements. Vulnerable communities desperately need more finance to build resilience to the impacts of the climate crisis. However the text only reiterates the longstanding call for developed countries to double adaptation finance without providing a clear roadmap to deliver it. 

“The text is also missing concrete global targets. The current target is still vague and needs to be further strengthened to include key areas that need to see resilience boosted, such as oceans and mountains. It is also concerning to see the target to protect 30% of land by 2030 now missing. Nature is an ally in limiting the impacts of the climate crisis and that must be recognised and acted on.

“For a credible outcome, negotiators must agree on an overall finance target for adaptation and how developed countries can meet their previous commitments to double climate adaptation finance. With some improvements, this text could provide a solid outcome that can help accelerate adaptation efforts on the ground that can shield people and ecosystems from the consequences of rising temperatures.”


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