Beyond Belief - Linking faiths and protected areas for biodiversity conservation

Beyond Belief - Linking faiths and protected areas for biodiversity conservation © WWF

A WWF/ARC publication with special focus on the links between faiths and the world’s growing protected areas network. More...

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Running Pure - The importance of forest protected areas to drinking water

Running Pure report © WWF

A WWF/World Bank publication explaining the importance of protected forests to sustainable drinking water supplies for the world's biggest cities. More...

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Food Stores - Using protected areas to secure crop genetic diversity

Food Stores report cover page © WWF

A WWF/Equilibrium/University of Birmingham report explaining how protected areas can play a role in in situ conservation of agricultural genetic diversity. More...

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Map showing threatened and under-protected centres of food crop diversity

Natural Security - Protected areas and hazard mitigation

Natural Security: Protected Areas and Hazard Mitigation © WWF

A WWF/Equilibrium report showing how environmental degradation can turn extreme weather events into natural disasters. More...

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Safety Net - Protected areas and poverty reduction

Safety Net: protected areas and poverty reduction © WWF

A WWF/Equilibrium report explaining how well-planned and well-managed protected areas can reduce poverty. More...

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The Protected Areas Benefits Assessment Tool

The Protected Areas Benefits Assessment Tool © WWF
This tool is designed to fill an important gap in the toolbox of protected area agencies and conservation institutions, by providing a methodology to collate and build information about the overall benefits from protected areas. More...

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