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FAO-Regional Fisheries and Livelihoods Programme

Posted on 12 December 2012

The FAO RFLP is working on several IUU-specific activities:
Participants of the Coral Triangle Fishers Forum have made specific commitments in implementing responsible business practices to address sustainability issues in the Coral Triangle region, such as IUU fishing. Progress and updates on such commitments can be found on this website in the interim, and unless specifically indicated, do not necessarily connote any direct partnership with, or endorsement by, WWF.

The FAO RFLP is working on several IUU-specific activities:

Activity Cambodia Indonesia Philippines Sri Lanka Timor-Leste Viet Nam
Support to boat registration systems    Yes      Yes  Yes
Provision of boats and equipment to support MCS  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes
MPA establishment Yes  Yes  Yes       Yes
Concrete anti-trawling barriers  Yes Yes         
Promotion of co-management  Yes Yes Yes   Yes    Yes
Support for fishery improvement plan (FIP)      Yes      
Promotion of traditional natural resource management systems   Yes       Yes  
Awareness raising on ecosystems approach to fisheries  Yes Yes Yes  Yes  Yes   Yes
Awareness raising on IUU  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes

Other highlights include:
  • Completion of the national boat census in Timor-Leste with geo-referenced photos of all fishing boats
  • Use of SPOT VMS (34 units) to report IUU fishing anonymously to the relevent authorities in Timor-Leste
  • Peskador.org launched in Timor-Leste, where data on the national boat census, bathymetry, fish prices and landings, boat accidents, weather, tides, etc., is available in real time
  • Support for the establishment of MPAs (legislation,assessment, mapping, boundary demarkation, patrolling, etc.)
  • FAO advisory note (supported by RFLP) on anchored FADs to be launched at the APFIC workshop in Danang (17 – 19 September); and
  • FAO RAP report on anchored FADs to be launched in October 2012.
Two related documents illustrating ongoing work to improve fisheries management and livelihoods, produced for the APFIC workshop in Danang Viet Nam, 17-19 September, include some IUU elements and are available on the CTFF-II webpage.




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