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Sea Delight LLC makes progress towards commitments

Posted on 12 December 2012

Since the CTFF II, Sea Delight has made several significant steps towards meeting its commitments.
Participants of the Coral Triangle Fishers Forum have made specific commitments in implementing responsible business practices to address sustainability issues in the Coral Triangle region, such as IUU fishing. Progress and updates on such commitments can be found on this website in the interim, and unless specifically indicated, do not necessarily connote any direct partnership with, or endorsement by, WWF.

Since the CTFF II, Sea Delight has made several significant steps towards meeting its commitments.

In Vietnam Sea Delight has continued its Better Fishing Practice Initiatives (BFPI) with WWF. More than 60 longline tuna vessels have been supported in trying circle hooks for the first time. Many of these vessels have reported positive results with the C hooks and want to continue using them.

Ten vessel captains signed agreements to only fish with C hooks for the next year and to allow trained observers on board for at least one fishing trip. Seven more vessels wish to join the program and we are actively seeking further funding or sponsorship to allow expansion of this program to mitigate bycatch and enhance monitoring and traceability. Sea Delight was an active participant in the September WWF/Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Tuna Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) Conference in Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Sea Delight supports the FIP effort to support a market-based solution and pressure decision-makers to improve management of the tuna fishery, including improved traceability systems and control of illegal fishing.

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In Indonesia Sea Delight continues to work on two Fishery Improvement Projects for tuna and snapper fisheries with WWF Indonesia/Sea food Savers as partners.

A letter to the Indonesian Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) has been drafted in part urging them to:

i) make every effort to comply with the tuna management recommendations of related regional fishery management organizations i.e. (IOTC, WCPFC, CCSBT) and to seek full membership in the WCPFC; and

ii) establish in written regulations an improved Tuna Management Plan that states that tuna management will be developed using ecosystem and area-based management guidelines with the express goal of sustainable tuna fisheries for Indonesia. In Vietnam and Thailand Sea Delight is working with its two largest tuna suppliers to develop a Voluntary Catch Certification Code (VCCC) program for tuna products.

These suppliers have agreed to include a code on each carton of Sea Delight products that indicates vessel name, port and date of unloading, and production date. This system we be subject to trial with these two suppliers first and then implemented at all Sea Delight suppliers in the near future.

In Thailand Sea Delight representatives have provided 1,000 size # 13 C hooks to the Thai Ministry of Fisheries for them to use in longline fishing trials onboard their own research vessel.

Sea Delight has also arranged for two vessels in the Phuket longline tuna fleet to conduct similar trials. Internal deliberations are underway regarding a campaign to include Sea Delight customers in efforts to move the WCPFC towards adoption of item 2 of the CTFF II Call for Action.