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Responsible forestry in the Amazon

Cloud and rain in the canopy of a tropical rainforest in the Amazon. South America

In focus: CEDEFOR

The long term goal of WWF-Peru's Certification and Development of the Forest Sector (CEDEFOR) effort is to promote modernization, formalization and efficiency of the forest sector using certification as a tool. The goal of the project is to certificate 565,000 hectares.

This is being achieved by providing technical assistance and financial support to government, local communities and the private sector, thereby contributing directly to national economic growth, the conservation of forest resources, and to the Government of Peru's Alternative Development Programme. CEDEFOR is made possible with support from USAID.

Through CEDEFOR, WWF-Peru has played a key role in a powerful movement, comprising governmental and non-governmental organizations, community and civil society groups, and representatives from the private sector. The aim is to reform the forest sector and support new, more transparent practices that ensure equitable and sustainable management of timber resources.

Nevertheless, illegal problems still exist and they remain a major obstacle to the proper functioning of the forest sector, so a greater commitment from the government is necessary.