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A journey into Brazil's newest national park - the Juruena

June 2006: a 3 week expedition to the Juruena National Park in the Amazon.

Augusto fall, Juruena National Park, Brazil © WWF
From 13 June to 2 July 2006, a team from WWF and local partners in Brazil will embark on the first-ever journey into the Brazil’s newest park in the Amazon — the Juruena National Park. The 1.9 million-hectare park — Brazil's third largest — was created on World Environment Day this year (5 June 2006).

Expedition logs

Using boats, jeeps, a helicopter and an airplane, the team of nature conservationists, biologists and journalists will cover more than 1,000 kilometres of the park.

Map of the Juruena expedition route. Click to enlarge © WWF
The expedition will survey  the region’s unique biodiversity, study the way of life of the region's traditional communities such as the Kayabi and Apiacás, and gather data on illegal mining operations. The findings will help in the development of conservation plans for this important area and the traditional communities that live there.  Read the team's daily logs...

Expedition reporters

Meet the three staff members from WWF Brazil on the expedition...

Cláudio Carrera Maretti, Director of Programme on Protected Areas and Support to ARPA (Amazon), 
WWF Brazil © WWF
Cláudio, Ana and Marcos have embarked on the Juruena-Apuí Expedition, and have us travel with them by sending their daily logs via satellite. Meet our three main reporters...
Expedition Partners