Environmental own goals: Wasting water

Freshwater is a finite resource yet we monumentally waste it
One third of the world's population lives in countries experiencing water shortages © WWF

In fact we're so bad at managing our freshwater resources that in the process we have created deserts, poisoned millions of hectares of land with salt and killed entire lakes – in some cases we are even making them disappear… have you read about the Aral Sea? Unbelievable.

Not only is this all a monumental own goal; not only is this wiping out species; but millions of us humans are at the same time getting thirstier by the minute. Incredible!

And it doesn't end there. Mismanagement of freshwater resources is causing floods where there were never any floods, droughts where there never any droughts. Take for example rivers: we dam them, divert them, and devalue them. Did you know you can count the last of the major free flowing rivers in Europe on one hand?

What an incredible own goal humankind. Bravo!

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Is it all doom and gloom?

No. You can read about the success which WWF has achieved with its partners over the last few years. Together we're making progress – the team is strong and we're out to win. If you feel like helping, we'd love to have you with us.