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Volunteers program

Join marine turtle conservation in Junquillal...

* Participants will become active participants in the marine turtle conservation and community projects .
* Interns will receive technical training on Marine Turtle Conservation, including adaptation to climate change, and the opportunity to apply learning in the field, with its own certificate of participation.
* The volunteer must cover the lodging and feeding. The money raised will form an extra income to local families and help our  Conservation Projects  of  Sea Turtles.
* Participants may choose the dates of their choice.
* The minimum stay is 15 days, but we recommend a month, because you will have the opportunity to learn more about our work and share with the community.
* The costs vary depending on length of stay and the hosting site for one month .

Any questions please contact Valerie Guthrie:

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Volunteer helping marine turtle conservation project in Junquillal
© Ana Fonseca, WWF LAC