Posted on 24 May 2021

People in the US, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar strongly support government action to prevent future pandemics. This survey comes as a larger, more in-depth follow-up to one conducted at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Asia
In March 2020, WWF commissioned GlobeScan to conduct a survey among the general public in 5 Asian markets (Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Hong Kong SAR, and Japan) to measure and better understand opinions around the closure of high-risk wildlife markets within the context of the COVID-19 outbreak. Since that study, the impact of COVID-19 has become deeper, longer-lasting, and more widespread than could have been predicted at the beginning of 2020.

The pervasive effects of this virus and the resultant pandemic have irreparably altered people’s perceptions, attitudes, and lives all over the world. Given COVID-19’s origin as a zoonotic disease –one that spreads from animals to humans– people’s perceptions and behavior around the purchase of wild animals as food, pets and luxury items, are of particular interest to monitor during this time.
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