Trustee from Norway

Johan Rostoft is the Treasurer of WWF International and was formerly Chair of WWF-Norway between 2012 and 2017.

Career Snapshot
After completing his engineering degree, Johan Rostoft worked as a consultant in McKinsey & Company. His main focus was within the financial services and Internet industries. Following his role as a consultant, Johan took up a position in Save the Children, where he worked with corporate relations and strategy.

For close to 15 years, Johan worked for Telenor. From 2017, he had the role of Managing Director of 701Search Pte. Ltd., a leading developer of online marketplaces in South East Asia owned by Telenor Group. 701Search was based in Singapore and ran the main online marketplaces in Malaysia, Vietnam, and Myanmar with 20 million monthly users across multiple platforms and verticals. 701Search merged with Carousell of Singapore in 2019 and Johan is a Board member in Carousell Pte. Ltd.
Johan is currently CEO of Propel Sayfr AS. This HR tech company helps organizations around the world evaluate and change their culture in order to prevent accidents and better manage failures. Sayfr has demonstrated how culture is related to safety levels and how to reduce the rate of incidents and risk of major accidents. The company has analysed global accident databases and is built on proprietary research into the link to cultural parameters. Experience from dozens of customers, with hundreds of thousands of individual employees has enabled Sayfr to build validated predictive models.

Formal Education
Johan Rostoft holds a Master degree in Politics of the World Economy from London School of Economics (LSE). Key components of the degree are International Political Economy, Politics of International Trade, Politics of Money in the World Economy. He also holds the equivalent of a MSc. in Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). The degree was earned through a combination of academic studies at NTNU and University of California, Berkeley.

He is married with two children.
Mr Rostoft’s second term of office expires 31 December 2023

Johan Rostoft 
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Johan Rostoft
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