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Sin Bosque No Hay Vida

Working with the WWF in Paraguay
Red soil, brilliant sunsets, lush forest (where they've let it stand, that is).

Toucan sightings: 1
Jaguar sightings: 0

Blessed with the opportunity to work in the WWF Paraguay office, we're learning more than we thought possible, though not always what we were expecting to learn. The primary goal of the Paraguay regional office is to halt the destruction of, and work to reforest, the Bosque Atlantico (the Atlantic Forest). WIth only 7% of the original forest cover left in the country, the situation is pretty dire.

One of the most biodiverse regions in the world, the Atlantic Forest is home to hundreds of species of flora, birds, butterflies, jaguars, tapirs, capybaras and ocelots - to name a few. After a few months, Nicole and Helen decided they were going to go out on a limb and make a documentary film about the importance of preserving this precious ecoregion.

With the support of some very important people, this project is spreading its wings.  A video camera donated by Canon is our tool for capturing the stories of the people who depend on the remaining forest, and the people who are dedicating their lives to restoring it. The support of the German and New Zealand embassies is also crucial to the success of spreading the message of conservation.

Here you can find stories about the people we speak with, and photos of the beautiful locations we visit. Stay tuned for video clips as our documentary progresses.

© WWF / Nicole Harari
Helen filming Atlantic Forest documentary, Paraguay 2009
© WWF / Nicole Harari
Images of Paraguay
© Helen Beynon
Mbaracayu Reserve, Eastern Paraguay
© Helen Beynon

The introduction to a film made in partnership with WWF Paraguay and Vida Silvestre Argentina, exploring the history and causes of deforestation in the Atlantic Forest, as well as the conservation alternatives and solutions currently being developed. We will be working on a trailer for the next little while, but for now this is the best taste you get!

Produced by Helen Beynon and Nicole Harari
Music and Sound by Ittai Barkai