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My Experience

On this web page I will share with you my experiences as a participant in the WWF Volunteer Programme in Paraguay.

In the period April - August 2008 I have worked for WWF Paraguay. My main activities have been two projects. One in Itape, the other in Tacuaro.

For Itape the objective was to start a tree nursery for native trees of Paraguay to be used in reforestration programmes.

In Tacuaro, together with NGO Moises Bertoni, we worked with a group of Indigenas people. Goal was to enable them to cultivate crops to provide in their food supply autonomously. This takes away their need to sell the wood in their reserve, allowing the forest, wildlife and their traditional way of life to prosper.

Looking forward to your reactions and questions!

© Foto by Alfonso
Working with Ava Guarani (indiginous in Paraquay)
© Foto by Alfonso

Contact me

Feel free to contact me with questions on the WWF Volunteer Programme or my projects and work with WWF Paraguay:


About me...

With a degree in MSc Industrial Engineering & Management, Postdoctorate in Marketing and 8 years of working experience with Unilever I may not be the first person you expect to join the WWF volunteer program.

But, given the opportunity by WWF... I did and from April - August 2008
I enjoyed every minute of it.

© Foto by Fokke Struijk
Arjen Struijk
© Foto by Fokke Struijk
My photos of Paraguay...