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About Me...

My name is Ramon. I'm Brazilian and 28 years old. I studied in England and Switzerland. A former ballet dancer I'm reconverting and currently a student in International Relations. My only ambition was to become a diplomat, but humanitarian work has cast a spell on me. I'm a person who loves to observe, learn and evolve. Constantly!
One day you might wake up and decide that you should change something in your surroundings. Maybe do something useful with your time, get more experience in terms of humanity or even leave on an adventure which will change your life forever.

Me thinks that day happened in my life, and I just filled out all the forms. By the time I finally realized it, I was shortlisted on the program (it took quite long due to the political crisis in Madagascar). The next thing I was packing clothes, medicines, expectations and the spirit. I was off to Madagascar for 3 months, taking all the risks (my praxis!), and this trip made me look at the world through other eyes.

My Advice?

  • Less is always more. Be wise when packing. I used only 2 shorts the whole trip (mind you I was on the coast). Needless to say we learn to be less of a "consumer" once back home, where the closets are full of useless stuff.
  • Bring some calcium tablets, no electricity equals no dairy products sometimes! Presumably your teeth will feel the difference.
  • Be able to open up, learn the rules and know how to break then when needed.
More on the "survival guide" - I recommend you read my articles, only then will you understand what this program is about. But please contact me for further questions on the issue.

And at last but not least:, to remind you that on your return you will most likely come to terms with yourself.
All about adventure 
© WWF / Ramon Moraes Sales Moura
All about adventure
© WWF / Ramon Moraes Sales Moura


One needs to acknowledge that there’s no right or wrong, but different ways to perceive issues. A volunteer needs to be able to learn more than teach, and become an eternal chameleon

My 3 months of volunteer work in Southwest Madagascar

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