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Sound and Sustainability

One of the most evocative relationships we make with the natural world is through its sounds. As an abundant source of information they have influenced our survival rate and enriched our cultures and traditions. Erosion of these connections not only impoverishes our aural spectrum but marks a loss of the implicit knowledge that is held within.

About Michael

Formerly a violinist with the London Symphony Orchestra Michael Spencer moved from being a full time performer to becoming Head of Education at the Royal Opera House. Subsequently he founded Sound Strategies, a consultancy working with music and the Arts in educational settings and business cultures. He has a strong connection with Japan and for 14 years was education advisor to the Association of Japanese Symphony Orchestras. During this time he received the patronage of Her Imperial Highness, the Empress Michiko, and in 2011 he was appointed Visiting Fellow at the Music and Culture Research Centre of Ueno Gakuen University (Tokyo).

He has worked with teaching organisations, communities and corporations in Scandinavia, Spain, South Africa, the US, China and Japan, and in 2008 created the education programme underpinning the Oscar winning animated film of Peter and the Wolf.

As a specialist in adapting the Arts to business contexts he has consulted for a diverse number of multinational clients, from Unilever to the InterContinental Hotel Group and Ernst & Young, advising on strategies ranging from rebranding initiatives to cross-cultural training, and is currently collaborating with the British Society for Immunology on an international programme to build awareness of this branch of medical science.

Michael Spencer

Michael Spencer, Managing Director, Sound Strategies.
© Michael Spencer

Nationality: British

Company: Sound Strategies

Title: Managing Director



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