WWF camera traps uncover deer poachers in the Carpathians | WWF
WWF camera traps uncover deer poachers in the Carpathians

Posted on 08 October 2015

The video shows them carrying an antlered deer head trophy
Deer poachers were recently caught on camera by a WWF Romania camera trap in the Natura 2000 area Ţarcu Mountains across the Oțelu Roșu Forestry in the Carpathians. The video clearly shows that, on 11 and 12 September, 2015, a group of people went into the woods and came back with an antlered deer head trophy.

Following a WWF inquiry into the issue, the competent authorities confirmed that teh group had no deer hunting permits. Moreover, one of them was an employee in the Oţelu Roșu forestry, which manages hunting in the area.

"This case clearly shows that, unfortunately, poaching goes on in our forests. Poaching is a crime and it affects biodiversity and local communities. WWF will make sure these acts are punished and the authorities follow up on them. But stopping poaching requires the involvement of both the authorities and people so that the crimes do not remain uncovered. We hope that this case will become an example of a successful fight against poaching and inspire others to submit complaints," said Magor Csibi, director of WWF Romania.

WWF Romania runs a wilderness project in Romania’s Carpathians. A very important part of it is performing wildlife assessments in order to identify possible ecological corridors and ensure the connectivity of different fauna populations.

This is why WWF Romania has installed video cameras in the area to monitor the fauna in the area of the ​​national parks Semenic-Caras Gorge, Nera Gorge Beusnita, Domogled Cerna Valley, Retezat and Iron Gates and the Natura 2000 site Ţarcu Mountains.

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