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Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and Biodiversity safeguards

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13 April 2016
The inclusion of sustainable forest management (SFM) as part of the activities considered under REDD+ has given additional relevance to the question of how to assess the sustainability of SFM practices at large scale. 

This highlights the logistical limitations related with traditional field approaches and the necessity for linking such assessments with the data used to assess other REDD+ activities like Deforestation and Degradation as part of the overall MRV exercise. Past results have shown how forest management variables such as harvest intensity are correlated with forest structural heterogeneity dynamic change and how both these are related with biodiversity levels of indicators groups such as dung beetles. However, in order to get a broader picture of management impacts or lack thereof, more indicator groups, showing a diversity of sensitives and responses to disturbance regimes need to be assessed and linked with structural data specific to the locations under management. 
  • We present results obtained when assessing dung beetles, butterflies, understory insectivore birds, and woody plants at the same time, in forest areas under certified forest management and natural reference areas and establish linkages between species richness and compositional dissimilarities observed with current and dynamic changes observed in forest structural heterogeneity.
  • We demonstrate how at the management unit level, management parameters as well as structural ones are a viable approach towards assessing potential impacts on carbon and biodiversity as a result of forest management and how the approaches proposed may be used at large scale to identify areas of special interest and assessment in the field.
The results we present may be of relevance for countries considering SFM as part of their REDD+ activities and when in need to report on e.g. biodiversity safeguards.
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