Comeback of the European Bison in the Carpathians | WWF
Comeback of the European Bison in the Carpathians

Posted on 01 May 2014

WWF aims to have 185 free-roaming bison by 2019
WWF Romania, together with local, national and international partners are working to create a sustainable development model in the Southern Carpathians by valuing the largest wilderness stronghold in Europe. We envision that local communities’ wellbeing can be sustained through nature-friendly enterprises connected to the conservation initiatives in the area.

WWF is leading a bison reintroduction program in the Tarcu Mountains, an environment where the European bison disappeared from over 200 years ago. The wisent is an umbrella species has a great impact in maintaining ecological processes specific to wilderness areas. A national bison reintroduction programme creates a unique opportunity for local community development, ecotourism, research and education. 
Brochure: Comeback of the European bison in the Carpathians