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New OEMN `Approach Brochure´

Posted on 16 June 2008

Download OEMN's new `Approach Brochure´ to learn more about how unusual partnerships can be forged so that business and nature can co-exist in Europe. 
The new OEMN Approach Brochure, `Solutions through Partnering Business with Nature´, is now available.
Learn more about how OEMN uses an innovative approach to forge unusual partnerships so that business and nature can co-exist. Its mechanisms lead to win-win solutions for all, allowing Europe’s rural workers to make incomes from the countryside while protecting nature.

OEMN, already tested at many pilot rural locations throughout Europe, is now mainstreaming conservation into everyday European business life.

Reading this new brochure is the first step toward your becoming a potential new partner at an existing or future OEMN project site. 
Restoring the dreamy rural landscapes of Maramures, Romania
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