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Corporate Partnership Report 2016

Posted on 10 September 2017    
CE 2016
Transformational change depends on the energy, co‑operation and support of many parties, ranging from public and private sector bodies to civil society and individuals Business plays an enormous role in tackling the most pressing environmental challenges: it’s a key factor in finding solutions to many problems as it can achieve rapid results and drive powerful routes to a more sustainable future.

We work with business partners across the UAE to help develop ways of doing business that don’t harm the planet. We also help to engage their employees, customers and other stakeholders in vital conservation issues.

The funds obtained from business partnerships are typically used to:

1. Deliver activities across a range of EWS-WWF’s programmes in the UAE and the Gulf Region,
2. Create increased awareness of sustainability obstacles and solutions,
3. Build the environmental capacity of companies and entities in the UAE;
4. Support critical operational costs across our not for profit organisation.

EWS-WWF is responsible for the agreements with the companies concerned for their work in the UAE or the region.
CE 2016
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