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Hamis Wins 2018 Africa Conservation Youth Award!

Posted on 20 October 2018
Hamis celebrating his victory
25 year old Iddi Hamis Nyachenga from Tanzania is the 2018 winner of the Africa Conservation Youth Award. Hamis was crowned by the WWF Africa Regional Director
Fred Kwame during the Conservation Practice Forum in Livingstone-Zambia.

Hamis stood out with his project aimed at solving the deforestation issue in his country and hence reduce greenhouse gasses by providing alternative sources of energy to thousands of middle and low income earners.

Hamis has also gone ahead to design a simple machine which converts agricultural by- products into energy. He is raising awareness among youths about environmental conservation and has mobilized the community to plant 350,000 trees in his home region.

However, while Hamis took home the top prize, the two runners up were also winners in their own right. These were 23 year old Unelker Maoga from Kenya and 30 year old Christina Kolo from Madagascar.

Unelker founded a community-based project on Climate Change Awareness and Green Technologies to address energy access challenges and climate change impact on community livelihoods, especially in the agriculture sector.

Christina, on the other hand is a social entrepreneur and founder of the Green N Kool, a social business focusing on waste collection, up-cycling and environmental education.

The business also has a cultural training center dedicated to youths and sustainable development. It also has six waste collection centers within the capital, a social incubator, a green school and a social restaurant employing marginalized youth among others.

Africa Conservation Youth Awards is a prestigious award scheme with the prime aim of
appreciating the works of young Africans both in Africa and the Diaspora in Nature and Environment conservation.

The awards scheme was inspired by the lack of recognition for young Africans who have selflessly dedicated their lives to making sure the future of Africa is optimistic.
Hamis celebrating his victory
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