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28 Aug 2019

Baraka Issa (28), a father of one, became unemployed when the government banished him and other ...

22 Aug 2019

Not long ago, Salima and nine of her friends sat down to discuss how they can overcome poverty. ...

20 Aug 2019

Vodacom Tanzania Foundation (VTF) becomes the first corporate to support WWF conservation ...

02 Jul 2019

The future of octopus fishery crucially depends on the long-term availability of cooling systems ...

01 Jul 2019

Until recently, Hadija Hasan Chocha cooked her family’s meals on an open fire in a thatched kitchen ...

21 Jun 2019

WWF Tanzania Country office has been honoured an award as the best NGO leader in East Africa. In ...

31 May 2019

Forests are a vital safety net for people living in poverty, providing free food and fuel, ...

16 May 2019

A team of rangers from Tanzania Wildlife Authority (TAWA) TAWA and Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) ...

14 May 2019

In Ruvuma Landscape, Southern Tanzania addressing human rights and gender issues is becoming ...

16 Apr 2019

I didn’t know anything about Earth Hour! Interestingly the first time I got to hearing about it is ...

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BMUs necessitate police support in fighting illegal fishing

BEACH Management Units (BMUs) along the coastal lines of Tanzania are demanding for greater cooperation from marine police to help mitigate increased innovation by dynamite fishermen who sometimes use fertilizers and silent bombs.

one of Temeke (Tanzania) BMU chairperson displaying examples of dynamite blasts, caught  rel= © Laura George/ WWF Tanzania



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