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WWF Equips a secondary school with energy saving cooker

Posted on 24 October 2018    
Students enjoying the cooker after receiving it
© WWF Tanzania
WWF Tanzania, in partnership with Tanzania Traditional Energy Development Organization (TaTEDO), on Saturday donated an improved firewood cooking stove to Mnolela Secondary School in Ruhokwe Village, Lindi District .
The energy saving stove valued at Tsh. 1.5 million will contribute to reduced demand for fire wood up to 75% and hence release pressure on the surrounding forest and the school budget for energy and offer more time for reading.
Speaking at the handover ceremony held at the school, WWF representative, Mr Nalimi Madatta said the donation aimed at improving access to affordable and reliable energy saving technologies for cooking solutions to schools thus reducing adverse environmental impacts. This is part of the SIDA funded activities under ‘Leading the Change Programme’ through WWF Tanzania to empower local civil society organizations in different development sectors.
“Not only does this stove enable school to use less biomass and improve cooking environment, it will also become  the cornerstone for enabling students to have ample time for their studies instead of using most of the time going to fetch firewood,”Mr Madatta, added.
According to the TaTEDO representative Mr Sago, the use of energy saving technologies is key to meeting energy demands sustainably.
“Early this year WWF in collaboration with TaTEDO did a baseline study on access to clean and affordable energy in the Ruvuma Landscape. The findings show that schools are among leading institutions with high use of solid biomass including charcoal and firewood for cooking. Today we begin to work on our findings by supporting Mnolela Secondary Sschool to access energy saving technologies to meet their energy need cooking solutions. The goal is to ensure energy needs doesn’t destroy natural resources especially forests,”Mr Sago commented.
Thanking WWF for the donation, the representative of District Executive Director of Lindi District Council Mr. Victor said that WWF and TaTEDO should consider the possibility of extending the support to the community around by providing environmental education on sustainable energy and forest conservation.
The School Headmistress, Ms Adelfina Mbonde was very grateful to WWF and TaTEDO for donating the improved firewood stove to her school. She was positive that the stove will save time in preparing meals and reduce unsustainable harvesting of forest products apart from the clean environment from smoke.
The event was attended by government officials, local leaders, community’s members and students who in turn thanked WWF for ongoing support to local communities. Prior to receiving the improved cook stove, the school used the traditional three stone stoves in preparing meals for 334 students. And, collection of firewood was done by students.
Students enjoying the cooker after receiving it
© WWF Tanzania Enlarge

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