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New book series “Mavka. The forest song” supports WWF in Ukraine

Posted on 22 May 2018

“Home for Lynx”, a WWF fundraising campaign for field research in Ukraine’s Polissia region
Kyiv - On June 2, under the aegis of the Book Arsenal International Festival, the creators of the animated movie “Mavka. The forest song” and Kyiv Book House will present a series of books whose sale will benefit WWF’s efforts to conserve populations of Eurasian lynx in Ukraine.
The book sales will lay the ground for a long-term environmental campaign “Home for Lynx” initiated by WWF-Ukraine and Mavka’s team. The Eurasian lynx is on Ukraine’s Red List of endangered species. The continued existence of the species in Ukrainian forests is crucial for maintaining many of Europe’s remaining wilderness areas. Five UAH (about 0.65 Euro cents) from each book sold will be donated to WWF’s Eurasian lynx field research in the Polissya region.
The book series includes a new edition of the enchanting fairy tale “The Forest Song” by Lesya Ukrainka, both in Ukrainian and in English, featuring cover art from the film.  The series include a short adaptation of the story for children featuring illustrations from the animation film as well as a sketchbook with the two main film characters - lynx and black stork.  
‘We, as Mavka producers, have repeatedly announced the project’s environmental mission. The decision to publish the books on environmentally friendly paper reflects this mission, and was heartily supported by Kyiv Book House,” says Iryna Kostyuk, producer.
The Home for Lynx campaign will take place before and during the film release; the money will be collected during the launch of all Mavka brand (Universe) formats: books, shows, exhibitions, clothes, jewellery, toys, etc. Funds will also be raised on WWF-Ukraine platforms.
The new edition of ‘The Forest Song’ and the sketchbook will be published on BIO TOP 3 Next paper manufactured by Mondi using technologies which are safe for the environment and are FSC-certified according to ecological standards developed with support from WWF. 
The books will first be available for purchase at the festival. Afterwards, they will appear in Kyiv Book House’s online and offline stores and in Auchan supermarkets.
Note to Editor: 
The preliminary release date for the animated feature film “Mavka. The Forest Song” is in 2020.
"Home for lynx" campaign
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