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25 years of scientific research serving the malagasy oceans

Posted on 28 October 2018

The IH.SM is a privileged partner of WWF and the expertise of this university, recognized around the world, contributes to the conservation of the marine ecosystems of our country for these many years.
Since October 18 and for two weeks, the Institute of Fisheries and Marine Sciences (IH.SM) of the University of Toliara celebrates its 25th anniversary in the presence of the Ministry of Marine Resources and Fisheries. The celebration brings together several activities including an international conference: Promoting blue economy for sustainable food security in Africa.
In Madagascar, more than 500,000 people live from small-scale fishing along the coast. They use pirogues to fish between the shoreline and deep-sea waters. Small-scale fishing represents nearly 75% of the country's total fisheries activity. These "small fishers" are for the most members of coastal communities managing local marine areas. Fishing is their main means of livelihood.
The conservation of marine habitats, the management of fishery resources and the development of sustainable livelihood activities are the basis of a long-term local economy. As a reminder, WWF operates in Madagascar in three marine regions: Mahafaly in the south-west, Manambolo Tsiribihina in the Melaky-Menabe and northern Mozambique Channel in the northwest.

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