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Trial of the traffickers of 10000 radiated tortoises

Posted on 22 October 2018    
Radiated tortoises
© Lucien Andriafanomezana
In April 9th, 10196 radiated tortoises were seized in Betsinjaka, Toliara II disctrict, in Atsimo- Andrefana Region. This seizure is unprecedented and this case has caught the attention of Malagasy people and the entire world about the illegal exploitation of natural resources and species traffics, particularly tortoises in the Great Island. It is obvious that a collection of such a scale required a planned organization and significant human and logistical resources – strongly suggests that it was implemented by an organized mafia network.

After a first trial and an investigation by competent authorities, the second date of trial was communicated for a few insiders. Indeed, according to a reliable source, the case is expected to be tried this Tuesday, October 23th in the court of first instance in Tulear.

Nature Conservation organizations, WWF, Durrell and Turtle Survival Alliance (TSA) are calling on competent authorities to:
  • Illegal holders of trafficked animals are not released according to the law No. 2005-018 of 17 October 2005;
  • The investigation concerning this case will be pursued so that all members of the trafficking network, from supporters to brain powers of the traffic, to all accomplices of the crime in question, are judged under the CITES Act and those of others related penal acts.
Radiated tortoises
© Lucien Andriafanomezana Enlarge

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