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WWF Rewards Family for Sustainable Land Use!

Posted on 01 October 2018
Newton Basabasa with his acquired cow
© Susan Tumuhairwe
“Dreams do indeed come true” Says Newton Basabasa as he tops up freshly cut fodder into the trough of
his newly acquired cow from WWF.
“We have always wanted a cow but had never had the capacity to buy one or maintain it. Today, we own
one”, he adds with a look of triumph.

WWF last week rewarded the family with a cow to commend their effort in adopting sustainable land management practices.

The Basabasa family was one of the early adopters of sustainable land management practices when WWF provided the initial training in 2015. Among the hundreds that were trained in coffee plant management, the Basabasa family was the first to have stumped coffee trees in their garden.

This was not an easy decision as it meant a slump in their income for over a year. However, the family looked at the set back as temporally and instead looked at the bigger picture of future rewards. The family also embarked on agro forestry. They also dug trenches and planted grass strips in an effort to reduce the effects of harsh weather conditions such as heavy rains or prolonged dry seasons.

A technical team from WWF and Kasese District Local Government who provide continuous training to farmers on how to employ sustainable land management practices unanimously selected this family receive to a zero grazing cow.

The team said that the Basabasa family and one other had not only demonstrated their capacity and determination take care of the cow but their adoption of other sustainable and management practices was admirable.
When asked how they managed to get to the top, Mrs. Daudanti Basabasa attributed the milestone to hard work and togetherness as a family.
“We work together with our children. Everyone plays a role in ensuring that we improve our livelihoods while utilizing the land sustainably”, she said.

Their oldest child, Catherine who is in her final year of study for a Certificate in Agriculture has also been resourceful in providing additional knowledge on crop management. She is now considering a career in veterinary medicine. The family has consciously embraced gender equality.

They have ensured that each member has a role and a voice to contribute to their livelihoods. The Basabasa family garden is currently used as training Centre for other community members, giving them a firsthand experience on the benefits of sustainable land management practices.
Newton Basabasa with his acquired cow
© Susan Tumuhairwe Enlarge

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