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Replanting coral will save our reefs!

Posted on 28 June 2018

If we replant forests, then we ought to replant coral reefs too.
This simple message is the mission statement of the Young Researchers Organization of Madagascar (YSO-Madagascar). 
And so, on World Oceans Day, these young people met with the citizens of Toliara in order to spread this noble message. Supported by WWF, Blue Ventures and the Fisheries and Marine Sciences Institute of Toliara University, their work towards this project is extremely important, since more than 500 million people in the world depend directly or indirectly on coral reefs, such as the Toliara Great Reef.
Danny Kornélio, president of YSO-Madagascar, believes replanting coral to be our moral duty, arguing that “the ocean and its resources deserve a respectful gesture from us, given the benefits it provides us on a daily basis.” He concluded by affirming that “the cutting and replanting of hard corals was on the agenda.” 
The hard corals that are replanted are actually living fragments that have been recovered. These living fragments are pieces of coral that have broken off as a result of the increase in water temperature or destructive fishing techniques.
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Toliara Reef
© WWF Madagascar / Danny Ravelojaona

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