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Madagascar - a green revolution in motion

Posted on 26 April 2018

WWF continues to support sustainable development initiatives with the Green Revolution fair.
After the Earth Hour event in March, WWF continues to support sustainable development initiatives with Green Revolution. Convinced that youth are key actors in development, WWF is partnering with the young team of the communication agency called 100% to organize the Green Revolution fair.
Scheduled for April 27th to April 29th at InfiniThé Ivandry, Green Revolution hopes to bring together all the entities that are conscious and ready to act to limit or to eliminate the degradation of our environment while seeking to improve the well-being of the population. Holding this fair will promote meetings and exchanges, to promote the various sectors of renewable energy, bio ecology and other sectors with environmental focuses.
Through its exhibition stand, WWF intends to get closer to its audience by presenting its activities that conserve and protect the environment. A large bin for the recycling of used lamps will be installed at the entrance of the stand. Youth associations working with WWF will join the ranks, including the Ank’Izy association.
A conference will be held by the WWF on April 27 from 11am to noon under the theme of "Access to electricity in isolated rural areas in Madagascar by illiterate grandmothers who have become solar engineers."
The world of tomorrow is in our hands. Twenty presenters in the fields of recycling, renewable energy, environment, waste treatment, will meet during these three days. In addition, for every entry ticket bought at 2000 Ar a tree will be planted. Join the green revolution on April 27 to 29 and go from 9am to 5pm at InfiniThé Ivandry.
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