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Over 7000 tortoises seized in Tongobory

Posted on 15 November 2018

According to the head of gendarmerie brigade in Tongobory, three people were arrested in this case including a woman and two men who fed tortoises.
Definitly, the traffickers have not learned from the penalty issued by the Malagasy justice in October 25th. Indeed, after the conviction of the 10 000 tortoises traffickers to 6 years of imprisonment and a fine of Ariary 100 million, the cantonment chief in the forests of Betioky and the gendarmerie have arrested other traffickers.

Thanks to informations from the forestry cantonment office, the regional authorities raided a hamlet in Tongobory, in Northeastern Toliara. 7,347 radiated tortoises were found alive. Probably because of their poor conditions of detention, 32 tortoises died. 

The traffickers admitted that tortoises were sequestered in this hamlet for about four months. They were collected in the Androy region, between Toliara and Fort Dauphin.
These tortoises were collected by a well-organized network. Indeed, a dozens of prefabricated wooden boxes used to transport the animals were found on site. Some crates were already used and were marked with codes. The usury of these boxes shows that they have already made multiple trips. 

The scale of radiated tortoises trafficking is currently experiencing a significant increase. Since April 2018, there are approximately 19,000 tortoises seized with the support of the networks of actors fighting against illicit trafficking of natural resources in Atsimo Andrefana. As a reminder, the network of actors is composed of the civil society, the Regional Direction of the Environment, Ecology and Forests, the Independent Anti-Corruption Office  (BIANCO), the tribunal of Toliara, the Atsimo Andrefana region , the police, gendarme, the regional office of the communication, the Regional Office of mines, Madagascar National Parks and WWF. 

The Ministry of the Environment, Ecology and Forests will participate in a national forum in Tulear for the establishment of a joint resolution against tortoises trafficking in November 23, 2018. We invite officials to take firm resolutions and fast actions to put an end to this trafficking
7000 tortoises seized in Tongobory - November 2018.
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