2000 young athletes united against the proliferation of plastic | WWF
2000 young athletes united against the proliferation of plastic

Posted on 11 October 2018

Did you know that Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Nestlé had the largest quantity of plastic waste in the world?
The wastes produced by these three companies represent 14% of all plastic waste in the earth. These are statistics from the international energy agency in October 9th. A plastic bottle needs 450 years to biodegrade, and we daily throw hundreds of thousands of plastic packaging in Madagascar.

The national school-sporting event had been an opportunity for WWF to raise awareness against the proliferation of plastic waste among young people. 2000 young people from 130 Malagasy schools in Toliara attended these events on October 4th. "Not only have they been gathered for fair-play on the field, but also for a civic commitment. We have decided to raise consciousness about the reduction of plastic pollution in our beaches "says Gaëtan Tovondrainy from the WWF.
The pupils went to Toliara beach for a plastic garbage collection contest after WWF sensitization. The winning team managed to collect a total of 8kg of waste. "I let you imagine the amount of plastic we throw on the beaches if in a day, the winning students found 8 kg of waste," says Gaetan.
There are not yet sustainable solutions for large-scale cleaning of Madagascar vis-à-vis plastic. We advocate for wake-up call from everyone. Let us pay attention to nature and reuse as much as possible our plastic utensils (bottles, bags and others) before throwing them away.
Des jeunes faisant la patrouille des plages en collectant et rassemblant les déchets et les plastiques pour protéger les nids de tortues marines.
Plastic pollution
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